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Soft Doors - These doors are easy to install & look great.


Convertible Framed Canvas Doors - Offers the same convenience of hard doors at a fraction of the price and a fraction of the  weight.



Buyer's Guide for GEM Soft Doors

Soft Doors

Convertible Framed Canvas Soft Doors

Top reasons for buying these doors:

1.  If you mostly drive with the doors open and want to keep the open feeling of the car.

2.  If your needs change often where you may want the flexibility of soft doors.  Flexibility is the key with these doors.

3.   If you want a very stylish, low cost solution to finish off your GEM car.

Top reasons for buying these doors:

1.  If you lack mobility or cannot bend to operate a zipper.

2.  If you live in a cold or rainy climate where doors are needed most of the time.  In this situation, doors that open like doors are very convenient.

3.  If you simply want the most convenient and versatile door system available for the GEM car.




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