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I just wanted to drop you a note letting you know that my doors arrive on time and were installed in less than an hour.

I appreciated you keeping me informed of the progress of my order.

Again thanks


Greg M

Pasco WA




Thanks for taking the time to write.  I'm glad you included your installation time for your 2 passenger semi-rigid doors. 

Now that the weather here on Long Island got frigid, I'm really glad to have these doors on my car too.

Keep warm, Scott




So far I love my new doors. My husband installed them, and it seemed rather simple to do. The thicker zipper is great. The zipper moved back is great and much easier to get to. The fact that the zipper opens from bottom to top instead of top to bottom is great. The larger back window is great. I sometimes drive my GEM in the rain and the doors felt so much more secure, and that is great. Overall they are great!

Thank you,

Michele E




I think it was really great that you taken the time to send me feedback on your experience with our product.  You can expect may years of comfort and convenience from your new doors.  Don't forget about the 'tip' in my instructions...  Using a product called "210" will protect the clear vinyl windows from scratching.

Cheers, Scott




Scott: Thanks for your kind words and Quality Products!

I installed the doors and already a couple of GEM owners, with factory doors, stopped by and commented on the quality of your product vs the factory product.  There are over 1000 golf carts of all types here at www..com/     It is good to see you will be making enclosures for brands other than GEM.  If you can forward me some literature, I will hand it out.

I have included some pictures of the doors installed on my GEM in front of my house.

Two questions:

Is there a source for a rear facing, third seat for the two seater?  I would like to have one and I could sell a bunch.

Will the new zip in door with the fold down window interchange with my zip in door?

Thanks again for all of your help






You are quite welcome.  It means a lot to us to hear from you.  I uploaded your pix for others to see.  Please click on the thumbnail to enlarge and use your back button to return to this page.

I do not sell a rear facing seat for the GEM car nor do I think it would be a very safe idea.  www.nevaccessories.com does sell custom (welded) items that may be helpful for you but please consider safety above all.

Your non-opening window can in fact be upgraded to the newer opening style by replacing the zipper in the door (only).  The cost is just $25 per zipper.  You can upgrade at anytime.

Be well, we wish you the best.


Update:  As of January 2006, we have partnered with GEM to jointly produce the factory doors for the e2, e4, e6, eS, and eL GEM models.  Anyone who purchases GEM's factory doors are assured to receive the highest quality product available




Well as I was the lucky winner of the Semi-Rigid Doors that was
offered by gemcardoors.com I felt it a must to report to you all as
to how the doors work and to my experience working with Scott at the
facility. First of all I can't say enough as to what a pleasure it
was working with Scott on this project.I just trailered the Gem back
home yesterday.  His shop is first class and his crew does fabulous
work. The shop works with marine applications so you can imagine the
quality of the canvas and clear plastic used as to hold up against
the salt air and harsh winters here in the northeast. The mounting
and removal of the doors are literally a snap and are held in place
both top and bottom with wingnuts as to facilitate ease in removal if
you want. The windbreakers are great and can stay on all the time if
you wish. They are fitted to the vehicles lines and look as if they
are part of the car. The back window was also fitted with clear heavy
plastic. I have not driven the vehicle but getting inside with the
doors closed I found the car much warmer just due to the greenhouse
effect. As for the closing and locking mechanism, thet are held
closed by magnets and also snap buttoned locked as to not open while
driving. I trailered it on an open trailer and drove 45mph on the
Long Island Expressway with no problem. Any of you out there with
speedy Gems that go over 45mph I can't help you and I can't assure
you that the doors or your front windshield will still be on the car.
These doors will certainly help extend my driving season here in NY.
Thanks again and best of luck to you Scott and I will recommend
working with Scott to all out there...............Manny





Scott and Diana,

I received my forest green enclosure yesterday morning.  Thank you for the prompt delivery.  I must admit I was a little concerned since I had not dealt with your company and I had no recourse by sending you a cashiers check for the enclosure.  Your Web site sold me and upon opening the box and installing the enclosure any concerns I had were history.
The quality of your enclosure is "unbelievable".  I had the time and took about 2 1/2 hours installing the enclosure yesterday afternoon.  The clear plastic, pattern cutting, stitching, zippers, etc. were amazing.  I did look at several other enclosures including the "grey" enclosure offered by GEM.  From the inside on the Gem enclosure you can see the poor quality  of the clear plastic when it is stitched to the canvas and the "shock" cords on the rear corner look tacky.  Your product is clearly a "10" compared the Gem's door that would be a "6" at best!  Our local upholstery shop who makes custom covers for Gem uses about 108 snaps compared to your 26.  He uses 24 snaps in installing the real window alone!.
Your enclosed brochure and instructions are excellent.  I would be able to install the next enclosure in less than two hours.  You did not miss a beat in every step of your instruction.  And thank you for the extra two snaps.  I lost one on the corner of the rear window, it fell into the gap in the base of the channel the white velcro is attached and I was not able to retrieve it.  Still have one snap left over which I probably will never need.  Thanks again for the extra snaps.
I am exited to show off this great enclosure to our residents and hopefully obtain orders to Champion Sail makers (GemCarDoors) in the upcoming weeks.  Your craftsmanship is the greatest example of American workmanship I can remember seeing.  Having owned a Erickson sailboat in the past, I knew that a sail maker would make a good product, but you folks totally exceeded my expectations from the quality of your work to the prompt delivery of your product.  Thanks again for making my day!
William J. H.
Banning, Calif 92220




What a thoughtful email you wrote.  It is true, we all really care about what we do.  I'm glad it shows in our work.  My 30+ years experience says that you should enjoy many years of trouble-free comfort with your new doors.




I just got the doors today.  Everything went well.
Installation took about 1 1/4 hours.  No problems.

I have some comments on the doors.  I love the look of the design
as well as how easy it is to get in and out.
Workmanship looks 1st rate. 

The way the doors attach
to the car is very clever.  Much better than the
awning track method.

How secure are the doors and how do I keep windows
from scratching?

R. Silverman;  Philadelphia, PA



The doors are very secure.  I tested and made minor refinements before production.  The ultimate test for these doors was when I drove around in the middle of the last hurricane.  Tree branches were falling, power lines came down, and I was able to drive to the 7-eleven with no problem.

To protect the windows, I recommend a product called '210'.  It is a polymer similar to Rain-X except it doesn't have a bad reaction to the UV inhibitors which are built-in the clear vinyl.




I installed your doors today and just got back from a test drive.
It's foggy and rainy out tonite, so a good test for the "new

The GEM feels quite different with the doors.  They made it much
warmer, drier, and quieter.  Doors seem well constructed, they
fit nice and look good. Made it feel more like a car and not a


David M.
Clarence Center, NY


Thank you very much for taking the time to write us.  Enjoy your GEM car even in bad weather ;)



Very easy installation.  Outstanding appearance and fit!   Step 2h refers to Velcro on the top underneath side of the valance.  Also peel and stick Velcro was sent.  Is this step no longer valid?  It appears that you have added a flap in place of using the Velcro.  Is this a true statement?

I am sure I will be able to refer customers to your web site and further sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry M.






Hello Peter,

It's nice to hear how happy you are.  Here's the trick to prevent the doors from sliding down.  Unsnap the lower two snaps and fold the 'canvas' portion of the doors up before rolling.  This will create a nice tight package and prevent slippage. 



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